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Location: Edinburgh

  • University of Edinburgh Partnership

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    University of Edinburgh Partnership

    With a sterling reputation for academic excellence that stretches back to 1583, the University of Edinburgh is also looking to the future. Witness the university’s Edinburgh Futures Institute, a thought lab focused on global challenges. (Hint: Check out the class Creating Edinburgh: The Interdisciplinary City, popular with IFSA students.) The university also offers 290 societies…

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  • Revelle in Edinburgh

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    Revelle in Edinburgh

    Known for brilliant writers from Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Irvine Welsh and Ian Rankin, Edinburgh is a dream destination for anyone hooked on literature. Make it a summer to remember, with fascinating look back at the Enlightenment, juxtaposed with exploration of the UK’s vibrant poetry scene—plus plenty of opportunities to…

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  • Genetics, Pandemics, and Society in Edinburgh

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    Genetics, Pandemics, and Society in Edinburgh

    From coping with ancient plagues to pioneering advances in genetic cloning, Edinburgh has long stood out as a center for scientific innovation. This—plus an abundance of cultural riches and natural beauty—make it a perfect destination to ignite your interest in sociology, history, premed, genetics, and global or public health. This global seminar program is offered…

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