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  • Monash University (Melbourne) Partnership

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    Monash University (Melbourne) Partnership

    Looking for an urban, big-university experience in an easy-going city that adores art and sport? Monash, one of Australia’s Group of Eight, is one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious schools, with more than 6,000 courses on two Melbourne campuses. Ideal for progressive thinkers and known for social consciousness, innovation, and industry connections. Ready for…

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  • IFSA Summer Internships in Melbourne

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    IFSA Summer Internships in Melbourne

    Balancing your internship commitments with fun and culture is easy in Melbourne, known for its lively arts, sports, and food scenes (avocado toast, anyone?).   IFSA will help you find an ideal match for your goals and interests. Opportunities typically include arts, business, marketing, engineering, design, healthcare, and education. You might help test a new tool…

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  • University of Melbourne Partnership

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    University of Melbourne Partnership

    Love to be out and about? You’ll fit right in in Melbourne, one of the world’s most livable cities, known for arts, year ’round festivals, great food, excellent public transportation, and sports galore. Australia’s number one university is ideal for studying education, law, language, psychology, accounting, and finance, or following a premed track. You’ll also…

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