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Panorama view of Santiago and mountain range with cable cars in the foreground.Panorama view of Santiago and mountain range with cable cars in the foreground.

Long, narrow, and bursting with wonders

Chile will challenge your Spanish skills and dazzle you with gorgeous landscapes and urban arts.

Just 70 miles apart, Valparaíso and Santiago offer two distinctly different ways to experience life here. Valpo — a colorful port city known for its progressive mindset, vibrant murals, and winding staircases — is a place to live large. In big city Santiago, academically focused students choose from three leading universities that draw international students from all over Latin America and beyond.

With IFSA, you can learn in English or Spanish in either location — and be confident you’ll experience the Chile beyond your host city.

Did You Know?

  • Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s political beliefs forced him flee to Argentina over the Andes on horseback in 1949. He eventually returned and won the Nobel Prize in 1971.    
  • Food distribution is no easy feat in a country that’s 4,000 miles long and home to a stunning range of geography.  
  • Extensive supernova research is done in Santiago. In fact, with a confluence of ideal stargazing conditions, Chile draws astronomers from all over the world.  
  • One of Chile’s coolest museums is completely outdoors. Open Sky includes 20 colorful, thought-provoking murals on the slopes of Bellavista Hill.

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