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Treasures at every turn

Explore big issues against a world-famous backdrop.

Echoes of ancient empires, magnificent art and architecture, and stunning scenery have long lured travelers to Rome. With IFSA, you get the chance to go deeper, sifting through the political, economic, and social challenges faced today by this EU founding member.  

Along with quality academics, our Rome-based programs and connection to LUISS’ business school ensure you connect with locals and experience the celebrated Italian way — a surprising mix of contemporary lifestyle and age-old traditions.  

You’ll also have time to sip world-famous cappuccino, search for your favorite piazza, and explore medieval towns, olive groves, and more beyond the big city.  

Did you know?

  • Parts of the aqueduct network built 2,000 years ago are still in use.  
  • From Rome you can get to Milan in 3 hours, Florence in 1 hour and a half, and Naples in 60 minutes (thank you, high-speed trains). 
  • The world’s smallest country sits within the city of Rome. Vatican City is just 121 acres in size.

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