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New Safety Menu Helps You Meet COVID Challenges

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September 21, 2021

You’re facing a world of new and ongoing hurdles brought on by the pandemic. And like a good partner should, we set out to help. The result is a sweeping new look at our custom programs, one that gives you the flexibility and choice you need — and plays on our years of international expertise. Because like you, we want your students to have the chance to make insights and connections they won’t find anywhere else.

Choose the safety features you need

Our new Health and Safety Menu makes it easier to address COVID-related concerns, whatever your budget. Our basic six-element package helps you protect students and eases worry with essentials like 24/7 emergency support, insurance, and quarantine check ins, all for one fee.

To meet additional concerns, add extra elements like housing, airport transfers, and safety orientations. Add one or all 11 options to create support that’s as robust as you need. You’ll find all the details on our basic package and additional layers here.

Two ways to create your custom program

From Spain to Sri Lanka, your faculty members have valuable connections waiting to illuminate their learning areas. But what about housing and travel details? Make the most of faculty expertise with our deep knowledge. Logistics, health and safety, local connections, field visits, intercultural activities, and more, we’ll help you create the ideal program of any length.

  • Ready to Go! Programs. Create powerful two-week programs without starting from scratch. Our expertly crafted templates make it easy to tick off every objective and eliminate hassles. Learn more.
  • Build Your Own Program. Ideal for longer programs, with loads of flexibility. Got the academic part down cold but not sure how to handle logistics and safety? Have a theme in mind but not sure where to best bring it to life? Done and done. Learn more.

Tap our experts

Hop over to our Custom Program page for all the details. Check it out, or send us an email to start a no-pressure conversation anytime.

Coming soon: Enrollment tools

Planning an amazing program is one thing. Getting students on board is another. We’re on it! Soon we’ll have a complete toolkit to help you create interest and maximize enrollment for the amazing programs you envision.