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Ady Jeřábková

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Ady Jeřábková

Student Experience Coordinator, Czech Republic

Start Date

November 2023


Fun • Good Friend • Truthful • Unapologetically Real

Adela Jerabkova

“Anything can be eaten with enough ketchup.”


Grammar school was dedicated to living languages where Ady also fell in love with biology. She proceeded to study physiology at Faculty of Science at Charles University, but changed to the School of Management within the Faculty of Education to fulfill her dream of being a principal of her own language school. Her informal education includes theater, clarinet and saxophone playing, various styles of dance, and most importantly traveling.

Travel Experience

Ady traveled to South East Asia, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, and stayed for three months. Recently, she purchased airline tickets to the United States to visit Philadelphia and see her favorite NHL hockey team play. She has also spent time in Greece and hopes to move there one day.

Did You Know?

Ady is allergic to carrots.