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Agustín Eisele

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Agustín Eisele

Director for Argentina Programs

Start Date

February 2024


Skiing • Padel (similar to tennis) • Travel

Agustín Eisele

I believe studying abroad has the power to transform individuals, and transformed individuals have the potential to change the world.”


As a child, Agustín aspired to become a pediatrician. He began medical school, but discontinued his studies during his third year. He then pursued a career in psychology, obtaining his degree. Additionally, he earned a master’s degree in cognitive behavioral psychology.

Travel Experience

Agustín spent nearly two years living in Aspen, Colorado, where he held various jobs. Initially, he worked as a lift operator in the mountains and later worked for the official photo company of Snowmass Mountain. Having the opportunity to wear his skis every day to commute to work was an incredible experience, especially considering his passion for skiing.

He has traveled to numerous countries in Latin America, with Bolivia holding a special place in his heart as a favorite destination. He has had the privilege of visiting Bolivia four times, drawn to its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Did You Know?

Agustín most cherished possession is the signature of his all-time favorite soccer player, Enzo Francescoli, on his River Plate t-shirt.