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Brenda Majeski

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Brenda Majeski

Vice President for Engagement and Marketing

Start Date

May 2021


Outdoors • Sports • Time with Family and Friends • Cooking • Red Wine

Headshot of Brenda Majeski

“International education and experiential learning are essential to a 21st century education and preparing our young people for their future contributions to making our world a better place.”


Brenda holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Darden School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Marshall University.

Travel Experience

Brenda’s passion for exploring as well as her work has taken her across the U.S. to 40 states and into 27 countries. She is keen to get out of the cities take to foot exploring local communities and customs, and in particular the food and wine scene. Brenda enjoys the opportunity to return to favorite destinations to share highlights with family and friends and enjoy a deeper sense of place.

Did You Know?

Brenda and her husband and son incorporated SIMBA (Someday It Might Be A) Farm in 2009. They have horses and a dog, have raised heritage fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and make their own maple syrup.