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Christi Hoover

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Christi Hoover

Regional Director for Asia & Pacific Operations; Australia Outbound Coordinator

Start Date

May 2007


CanAus (Canadian Australian) • Passionate About Travel • Education • Recreation

Headshot of Christi Hoover

“I love working in study abroad because I know what a difference this experience can have on students lives and the people they will become. I feel privileged that part of my job is to introduce students to new cultural experiences and to guide them in how they see themselves and the world. There can be challenges for students, but to be able to provide support and be a part of the solution keeps me motivated and it’s incredibly rewarding seeing students grow in self confidence and become more independent.”


Christi obtained her Bachelor of Human Kinetics (honors) with a major in recreation and leisure management and minors in psychology and geography from the University of Windsor. She then obtained her Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University. In Australia, Christi has obtained a Diploma of Management and an Advanced Diploma of Nutrition.

Travel Experience

Christi is from Canada, lived in the United Kingdom and has traveled throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific. Moving to the UK to teach secondary school was life changing for her. The joy of exploring a new country, finding new community and embracing a new culture, made her realize that this was something she wanted to help others experience.

Did You Know?

In order to extend a working holiday visa, Christi did three months of agricultural work. Christi picked mushrooms; 10 hours a day, six days a week. It was years before she could enjoy eating mushrooms again!