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Cindie Zhou

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Cindie Zhou

Academic Records Coordinator

Start Date

February 2024


Lifelong Learner • Planner • Classical Music • Nature Lover

Cindie Zhou

“Studying abroad in the U.S. has taught me the true meaning of diversity and how to relate to people who are different in so many aspects. It has transformed me to who I am now. I hope every student has an international learning experience and becomes a pioneer of a global civilization.”


Cindie completed her undergraduate studies at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China, and earned a master’s degree in Business Administration at Southern Illinois University.  

Travel Experience

Cindie has traveled to more than 20 countries for both business and leisure. After studying in a smaller U.S. college town, cities like Beijing are too big for her and small and rural communities attract her more. Whenever possible, Cindie loves to dive into local communities to see how people live in their daily lives and try to understand more about their unique culture and traditions.

Did You Know?

Cindie has visited all five large islands in Japan. She speaks Japanese at a professional level.