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Daniel González

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Daniel González

Student Experience and Custom Operations Coordinator, Spain

Start Date

July 2023


Architecture • Music • Pop Culture • Horror Films • Dogs

Headshot of Daniel Gonzalez

“Studying abroad gives you a fresh start, in a new place. In this way, you can discover who you really are. I look forward to helping our IFSA students get to know themselves better.”


Dani holds a bachelor’s degree in tourism from Universidad de Sevilla and is currently working on a master’s degree in tourism management and planning from Universidad de Sevilla.

Travel Experience

Dani has always loved to travel and to get to know what is beyond his borders. Working in study abroad programs for years has allowed him to travel and work from cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and Dublin. High on his list of travel destinations in the future is South America.

Did You Know?

Dani loves his hometown of Seville. For that reason, he has a very popular website where he talks about culture, history, architecture, and important projects in Seville and its metropolitan region.