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Danny Gibbons

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Danny Gibbons

Director for Academic Policy and Records

Start Date

March 2018


Food • Coffee • Art • Travel • Peru

Danny Gibbons

“After more than 20 years of working with and learning from international students, I am excited to continue growing and learning alongside the IFSA team and sharing my love for Peru, its society and its culture with our students.”


Danny attended Universidad de Lima, where he studied social communications and journalism. He considers that even if he started learning English when he was four, he is still learning. Currently Danny is pursuing a diploma in teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages..

Travel Experience

Panama was the destination of Danny’s first international travel, and for work or vacations he has traveled through North, Central, and South America, as well as the UK, Spain, France, and Denmark. He is always willing to share anecdotes about his visits to Senegal, Ghana, and South Africa while working for an international NGO.

Did You Know?

Danny has visited Machu Picchu more than 20 times leading study abroad programs.