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John Kusovski

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John Kusovski

Associate Vice President, Web and Digital Marketing

Start Date

August 2022


Gardener • Traveler • Coder • Photographer • Amateur Chef

Headshot of John Kusovski

“My experiences abroad, combined with my career as a digital communications professional, have led me to believe technology cannot replicate the meaningful, real-world discoveries and connections people can make if they choose to travel, work, or study outside their home countries.”


John graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in communications. In the course of his studies, John also worked as a teaching assistant and briefly served as vice president of RIT’s GLBTQIA Alliance.

Travel Experience

With extended family and friends all over the world, John has crashed on the finest couches and guest rooms across Australia, Europe, and North America. John holds multiple citizenship with the United States and Canada and travels regularly to Toronto where he lived and worked for five years.

Did You Know?

I have a fear of heights, which has never manifested itself publicly as I have always lived in cities situated in valleys.