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Kate Gafner, Ph.D.

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Kate Gafner, Ph.D.

Academic Programs Manager, England & Wales

Start Date

December 2023


Weekend Hiker • Coffee Connoisseur • Stress Baker • Book Worm • Crime Show Critic

Kate Gafner

“My time as a visiting student in the UK changed the entire course of my life. I know how transformative this experience can be, and I love being able to watch and mentor students as they go on their own study abroad journeys.”


Kate obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Classical Civilizations from Colby College. She has completed Master of Science in Bioarchaeological and Forensic Anthropology and Doctor of Philosophy in Forensic Science and Anthropology at University College London.

Travel Experience

A former affiliate student at University College London, Kate moved to the UK from the United States in 2016. She has worked with U.S. study abroad students in the UK since 2017, using her professional and personal knowledge to offer cultural and academic support to students.

Did You Know?

As a walking pop culture encyclopedia, Kate has a great pub quiz record