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Katie Ridley

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Katie Ridley

Senior Student Experience Coordinator, New Zealand

Start Date

November 2013


Outdoorsy • Explorer • Gastronome • Sociable • Life-long Learner

Headshot of Katie Ridley

“It has been my absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of the life-changing adventure of study abroad. I am continually inspired by the students I meet and am grateful for the opportunity.”


Katie holds a bachelor’s degree in Japanese language and spent a year attending university in Japan. She also holds a certificate in personal training.

Travel Experience

Katie took her first trip to Japan as a high school student at age 17 and made six more trips after that. She has traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia as well as the United States. She would love to travel to Bali one day.

Did You Know?

Katie once raced an outrigger canoe down the Hudson River, right past the Statue of Liberty.