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Logan Beck

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Logan Beck

Institutional Engagement Assistant Manager

Start Date

April 2023


Book Lover • Euchre player • Will Shamelessly Cut a Rug

Headshot of Logan Beck

“Whether domestic or abroad, every instance of travel—going to a new place and sharing time with its people—will widen your eyes and shatter your preconceived notions of a place (whether you knew you had them or not). Travel increases our capacity for love through our similarities and compassion through our differences.”


Logan attended Kalamazoo College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature and graduated with distinction in music. He was also the captain of the men’s ultimate frisbee team.

Travel Experience

During college, Logan studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador. He also spent a summer in Havana, Cuba, where he completed research for his undergraduate thesis. After graduating, Logan spent a year teaching English in southern Spain and studying flamenco guitar.

Did You Know?

Logan can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. And often does. It’s a gift! Or maybe a curse?