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Marcy Dodson

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Marcy Dodson

Institutional Engagement Manager

Start Date

January 2022


Travel • Theatre • Dogs • Foodie • Reader

Headshot of Marcy Dodson

“My professional career has always focused on creating experiences. I am extremely excited to be on the IFSA team to help students create the experience of a lifetime by selecting a study abroad program that is a great fit for them!”


Marcy graduated from Butler University with honors in theatre.

Travel Experience

Marcy’s first adventure outside of America was for a summer study abroad program in Russia at the Moscow Art Theatre School. Since then, she has traveled to more than 16 countries! Some of her favorite travel memories include glacier hiking in Norway and Iceland, seeing performances at The Globe Theatre in London, and eating ice cream in Red Square.

Did You Know?

Marcy toured across the Southern U.S. as a performer with a children’s theatre company.