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Sian Munro

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Sian Munro

Director for New Zealand Programs

Start Date

June 2012


Sociable • Hospitable • Avid Sports Fan • Family Focused • Passionate Dunedinite (my home town)

Headshot of Sian Munro

“I love being a part of the student experience from the very beginning and through their exploration of New Zealand’s culture, landscape and academic system. It’s great to see our students foster independence and self-awareness as they navigate living and studying a long way from home. It astounds me just how much they pack into their semester!”


Sian graduated from the University of Otago in Dunedin with an honors bachelor’s degree in social anthropology and a Master of Arts in International Education.

Travel Experience

My interest in international education started with a six-week summer job that turned into a 15+ year career. My job was to welcome new students to the university. I was also part of a buddy program for new international students and one of the very first students I met was from the U.S., and with whom I still good friends. Being exposed to so many people embarking on their study abroad experience, I was inspired to continue in the international education field while traveling and living in London, UK. I feel very fortunate to be in a profession I am so passionate about.

Did You Know?

I have a twin brother, my brother and sister are also twins. We also have an older brother. Between the five of us, we have 16 children so family gatherings are loud and fun!