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Wayne James, Ph.D.

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Wayne James, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President, Partner Engagement

Start Date

September 2022


Working with Students • Travel • Movies • Culinary Arts • Reading About History

Headshot of Wayne James


Wayne has a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages, Spanish and French, a Master of Science in Industrial Relations and Management, and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in International Business/Relations. Wayne holds Doctoral of Arts in Modern World History.

Travel Experience

Wayne has traveled extensively throughout the United States and has visited 42 countries altogether in his professional work as we all as personal travels. Wayne is returning from the United Arab Emirates where he has been an expat for more than 14 years and is very proud of the many friendships he maintains worldwide. His study abroad experiences include bringing students from parts of Asia to study in the U.S.; taking Middle Eastern students to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge to introduce them to higher education and these prestigious universities; and more recently taking Emirati students to London and the U.S. on study abroad programs.

Did You Know?

Wayne enjoys Caribbean and Latin music, and has written papers and made presentations to Emirati government officials on the subject of leadership.