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7.1 Earthquake in Chile
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit southern Chile yesterday. The earthquake was centered in Chile's Araucania region, about 370 miles southwest of Santiago.

Neither Santiago nor Valparaíso, our two Chile program locations, was affected by the quake. Our semester 1 (spring) program does not begin until February, so we have few students currently in Chile. Three of our seven full-year students are in the U.S. for the holidays, and the four who remained in Chile between semesters are accounted for and fine.

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University of New South Wales Strike
IFSA-Butler has recently learned of an administrative strike at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Classes for semester 2 are already finished, but this strike may result in the delay of transcript issuance. IFSA-Butler will continue to work with the university in order to receive the transcripts in a timely manner.
Strong Rains in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is under a "red alert" due to strong rains in the past few days. A red alert means that residents are advised to stay home and to be alert of dangers related to the rains. The Costa Rica government is allocating funds to repair broken roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

IFSA-Butler students at Universidad Nacional and Universidad de Costa Rica are not living in areas that are considered to be at high risk of flooding or mudslides, but our resident staff have been in contact with all students and their host families to verify that all is well.

IFSA-Butler is encouraging all students to remain at home with their host families. As a result of the rains, our Costa Rica staff have had to cancel a program excursion to the Pacific Islands in the Nicoya peninsula.

IFSA-Butler Response to UBA Strikes
IFSA-Butler resident staff in Buenos Aires have been meeting regularly with officials at the Universidad de Buenos Aires to discuss what options are available to our students in light of the strikes at UBA. Officials have cautioned IFSA-Butler that they might have to cancel the semester, but that no final decision has been made.

We have decided to pursue alternative arrangements to ensure that students are able to complete their academic program, finish the semester as scheduled, without impacting their degree completion schedule. Our Buenos Aires office will work with each affected student individually to find alternatives that fit his/her academic needs. Options for students include:

  • Enrolling in existing IFSA-Butler program classes (3 U.S. semester credit hours);
  • Taking one of the just-expanded list of IFSA-Butler program courses, modeled after popular UBA courses (3 U.S. semester credit hours);
  • Continuing the initial UBA course topic(s) as directed research with a qualified instructor, following the course content provided in the UBA syllabi and course descriptions (6 U.S. semester credit hours).

If these options do not meet a student's academic needs, individual arrangements can be investigated. As a last resort, and only in rare cases, reducing the overall number of credits for the semester (requiring home university permission) will be considered.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions: Strikes at Host Institutions Abroad page for additional information.

It is important to understand that IFSA-Butler does not control the host university; it works as a partner with UBA, which is a sovereign university with the right to make its own rules, regulations and decisions. Our resident director will continue to work with UBA to find ways to help students complete their academic program as scheduled.

IFSA-Butler realizes how frustrating this action must be, and our office staff in Buenos Aires are already meeting individually with students to help them arrange alternate academic plans. If you have further academic questions, please contact Assistant Director for Academic Affairs Rhonda Hinkle.


Strikes at Universidad de Buenos Aires
We have been informed that there are student-led strikes occurring in the faculties of Social Sciences and Philosophy and Letters at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) in Argentina. Please be assured that the IFSA-Butler is monitoring this situation closely.

IFSA-Butler's Buenos Aires office is working closely with our UBA contacts to meet the needs of our students. IFSA-Butler will work with our students in Argentina to ensure that they are able to complete their courses and earn academic credit for their program as scheduled.

For more information about academic strikes, visit our information page about university strikes abroad.

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