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Study abroad in Australia with IFSAStudy abroad in Australia with IFSA

A place to live large

Quality academics meet a spirited, multicultural vibe, with adventure in easy reach.

Awesome rock formations. Mindboggling architecture. Marsupials found only here. Australia is full of surprises. And though the English language simplifies communication for many U.S. students, society here is anything but homogeneous.   

With more than 10 prestigious schools that range from big-university urban to smaller campuses with the great outdoors in easy reach, IFSA excels at helping students find the right fit for their journey Down Under.

Whether you end up in Sydney, Adelaide, or somewhere in between, we’ll pull you into the local culture with activities and excursions that show you the Australia beyond your host campus, from picturesque wineries to discussions with First Nations People.

Did You Know?

  • Sydney has 100+ beaches within the city limits.  
  • More than 230 designs were submitted for Sydney Opera House. (Denmark’s Jørn Utzon won).  
  • Vegemite — a salty spread made from yeast extract — on toast is a favorite Aussie snack — and an acquired taste. 
  • Australian rules football is the #1 sport here. Aussie Rules or footy is a fast-paced, contact game full of tackling, kicking, and dribbling.  

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