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Study abroad in Australia with IFSAStudy abroad in Australia with IFSA

Program Overview


This thriving world-class university draws students for high rankings and its University of Oxford tutorial-style system. Choose from 100+ departments, including computer science and an AACSB-accredited business school. 

The University of Sydney’s amazing location is another asset. The urban campus—including the magnificent 1857 quad—sits in one of Sydney’s trendiest neighborhoods, yet it’s not far from Darling Harbour and area beaches. Climb the Harbour Bridge, tour the Opera House, boogie board at Bondi Beach, all via great public transport. 

Your program also includes a menu of tours and activities designed to introduce you to Australia’s rich natural beauty, from the rugged Blue Mountains to dazzling beaches, and ensure you learn about deep-set indigenous traditions.  

Looking for a scholarship?
Two, $10,000 Equity Scholarships are available to study at the University of Sydney in 2025. Application deadline is Sept. 18, 2024. See IFSA Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid for more information.

Details at a Glance

Application deadline

Fall: April 1
Spring: Nov. 1

Minimum GPA


Credit load



Apartment/Flat, Residence Hall/Dormitory, Single Room Option

Instruction language


Language prerequisites


Visa required?

Yes. Learn more.

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CHART Your Course
Find the classes you need fast with CHART. Our easy-to-use tool shows you classes recently taken by IFSA students.

Check out the University of Sydney online class list to view available class offerings.

The number of classes you take abroad depends on the credit value of the classes you select. At the University of Sydney, a full course load consists of 24 Sydney credits per semester for a total of 15 U.S. semester credit hours per semester.

Credit Conversion
3 USY points = 2 U.S. semester credit hours
6 USY points = 4 U.S. semester credit hours
12 USY points = 8 U.S. semester credit hours

Early Start / Early Depart Program
Application Deadline: October 15

IFSA students studying at University of Sydney for the spring term can opt to arrive early and leave early (also called the “Spring Friendly Semester”) in order to align their study abroad dates with a U.S. calendar. Many students find this helpful in order to participate in summer internship opportunities in the U.S. that require them to be back for the month of June. Students arrive early and begin their semester with a single, intensively taught course in Sydney’s summer term  (January-February), then take three courses during semester 1. These are chosen from a curated list of courses that either do not have exams, or from a special list of business units where arrangements have been made for students to take their exams early (available here).

Lab & Field Trip Fees
Please review syllabi and course materials when registering for direct-enroll classes. Certain classes may have a one-off lab or field trip fee disclosed in the syllabus or during the first meeting of the class. These fees are not included in your IFSA program fee. You will be responsible for these fees, whether they are billed and paid by IFSA or billed to you.


Australian Government | Department of Education | CRICOS: 00233E
Australian Government | Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency | TEQSA: PRV12076

Please read below for more information regarding a number of restrictions or additional requirements at the University of Sydney:

You must submit a portfolio with the following information:

  •  Photographs representative of your previous study
  • Resume
  • Short piece in a cultural area of academic writing
  • Short piece in a technical area of academic writing. You will meet with architecture staff upon arrival at University of Sydney to discuss the courses for which you are best suited. It’s easier to take architecture courses if you study abroad during semester 1.

Art Workshops/Art Studio
These subjects are introductory art units (including ceramics, photography, sculpture) that do not require previous experience. The units are listed under the AWSS or DESA codes. These subjects have limited space due to quotas, and you will have to wait until you arrive to try to enroll in these units. Be prepared to choose other courses.

Computer Science
These courses are available under a number of different faculties. The Faculty of Science and department of computer science will have courses in computer science listed under COMP, SOFT and NETS.

Information Systems
These courses are listed under INFO and ISYS, and the Faculty of Economics and Business offers them in the information systems department as INFS.

Economics and Business
Please make sure you have met all the prerequisites if you choose a 3000-level unit. About 15 percent of IFSA students regularly fail economics and business courses because they have chosen a unit that is too much of a stretch for them, given their experience in that discipline. Choose carefully!

All education units of study require special approval, which means you should be prepared to wait a few extra weeks for a decision.

Fine or Visual Arts
If you are a fine or visual arts major, you will probably want to take courses at the Sydney College of the Arts, located at the Rozelle Campus. This campus is a 40-minute bus ride from the main campus where you will be living. The cost of commuting is your responsibility. If you are admitted, you will be allowed to work in a studio in your chosen field while also studying studio theory and techniques. You must include a portfolio with your Class Interest Form. The portfolio may be presented in one of the following formats: VHF video, photographic, CD or DVD ROM. Should consist of 10 pieces maximum. Items should be relevant and representative of your abilities and interest. Items do not need to be directly relevant to the area which you would like to study at Sydney.

Health Sciences, Nursing, Occupational Therapy
These courses have limited space and require students to provide descriptions of previous courses with their Class Interest Form. The courses in this faculty are on the Cumberland campus, which is about an hour by public transportation from the main campus. If you are going to take courses at Cumberland, we suggest that you try to take all of your courses on this campus rather than trying to commute between the City and Cumberland campuses. The cost of commuting is your responsibility.

Law and Criminology
It is difficult for most U.S. undergraduates to qualify to take law and criminology courses at Sydney. While the courses are technically available, they will require special approval, which means you should be prepared to wait a few extra weeks for a decision. Please check to make sure you meet any prerequisites.

Medicine and Dentistry
Study abroad students may not take courses in either of these two faculties. There are courses available to study abroad students in anatomy and histology, immunology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology as long as prerequisites are met and previous course work is included along with the Class Interest Form. The above mentioned courses are found in the Faculty of Science.

Students may take courses in music in two different ways at the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The Conservatorium is located about 20 minutes from the main campus by public transport. The cost of commuting is your responsibility. Non-performance courses Coursework in music history, theory and composition is offered under the course code MUSC. Students who are music majors may also take courses under MCGY.

Performance Classes
Because you will be in the United States at the time of application, you will not be able to participate in a live audition. You will need to submit an audition either via videotape (in PAL format) or DVD, which includes a statement signed by both you and your teacher certifying that it is a true recording. To find out more details on the audition requirements and submission requirements for composition and musicology applicants, see the University of Sydney website. Additional fees will be charged to your bill once you have officially signed up for courses in instrument, voice, composition or musicology. Students may not study more than one instrument or area of principal study during a semester, and it may not be possible to take one-on-one instruction. The additional fees may be as high as US$500, but we will not know exactly how much this extra fee will be until you have arrived in Sydney and started your courses. This fee will be sent to your billing address approximately two months after your arrival in Sydney.

Students taking science courses (especially those that have a lab component) may be charged a supplemental fee, as IFSA’s education fees are based on the arts and social science education fee.

Veterinary Science
There are numerous restrictions on study abroad students in this faculty. If you wish to take courses in this faculty, you must submit descriptions of previously completed work when you return the Class Interest Form.

The University of Sydney offers a highly competitive internship program. Interns must have a strong academic background and achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. Prospective interns must also successfully complete an interview process upon arrival in Sydney. Interns will spend at least 15 days working on a specialized project with one of the University of Sydney’s host organizations. Students will be awarded a letter grade for participating in the internship program. The internship is worth 4 U.S. semester credit hours.

Internships are available in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Banking and finance
  • Communications and Media
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Film and Television Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Not for Profits
  • Operations
  • Special Events and Public Relations
  • Sports Management
  • Visual Arts

When completing your IFSA application add ARTS2600 to your Class Interest Form. This will alert your IFSA Enrollment Counselor that you are interested in pursing an internship. Please contact your IFSA Enrollment Counselor for assistance with any additional questions.

Research Placement
In addition to our internship programs, there are research placements available. These opportunities are for juniors and seniors only. Research placements are available in the following areas:

  • Marine Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Research
  • Government and Policy

Please contact your IFSA Enrollment Counselor for assistance with any additional questions.



  • You must be at least 18 years of age. Students under 18 may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • You must be currently attending or recently graduated from a U.S. or Canadian community college, technical college, two-year college, four-year college, or four-year university.
  • You must have completed at least one (1) full-time year of study at your home institution before the beginning of the term.

The University of Sydney will consider applicants with a GPA from 2.6 to 2.79 with additional application materials.

Recommendation Letter
Not required. A research or internship site may request a reference letter before placement is finalized.


Upon completion of your program, IFSA will send an official Butler University transcript to your home university with your coursework converted to the U.S. semester credit hour system. You will also have access to an unofficial transcript in your IFSA Student Portal. The transcript reflects classes taken, credits attempted, and grades earned during your term abroad. This service is included in your study abroad program at no additional cost. See our Transcripts page for more information.


Activities and excursions are designed to pull you into the communities you visit and encourage cultural connections of every kind. There’s no extra fee to participate in these optional outings—everything is included in your program fee.

Below are a selection of activities and excursions from previous terms; options may vary for your program. Due to the seasonal nature of many of program activities, we cannot guarantee a specific activity or excursion will be available in a given term or program.


  • Indigenous Australians Cultural Education: Learn about the religious, social, and cultural practices of Australia’s First Nations People from award-winning indigenous Australian educators. Includes opportunity for questions and discussion.
  • The Rocks Walking Tour: Explore Sydney’s iconic district, The Rocks, site of the convict settlement in 1788. Learn about its role in national political and social change, the notorious Rocks Gang, the Rum Rebellion, and more.
  • NACE Competencies Workshop: Mastering the eight U.S. National Association of Colleges and Employers competencies is essential preparation for college graduates. This IFSA staff workshop helps you make meaningful links between your study abroad experience and career readiness.
  • Sydney Opera House Show: Did you know that if all the sails of the Opera House were combined, they would create a perfect sphere? Visit the structure that transformed Australia’s cultural image—named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007—for a live show.
  • Coogee-Bondi Walking Tour: Take in stunning ocean views as you walk the paved path from Coogee to Bondi, tracing shoreline cliffs and beaches. During late October and early November, you might also catch Sculpture by the Sea, Australia’s largest annual outdoor sculpture installation.
  • Bike Tour of Sydney: The perfect way to get oriented and see some Sydney’s most famous sites. Includes riding across iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Hunter Valley Tour: This full-day tour takes you a couple of hours north of Sydney, where natural beauty and farmland are home to 300 wineries. Exchange the busy urban environment for rolling green hills and discover the biodiversity of New South Wales. Includes lunch.
  • Northern Beaches Visit: Visit the stunning Northern Beaches of NSW with an eco-tour guide, see Indigenous carvings, and hike to Palm Beach lighthouse
  • Blue Mountains Visit: An important historical site, the Blue Mountains are a rugged and mountainous region west of Sydney. Soak up dramatic scenery and discover an immense range of flora and fauna, including the famous lyrebird, known to mimic the sound of car alarms, chainsaws, camera shutters, and more.

Housing and Meals


Apartment/Flat, Residence Hall/Dormitory, Single Room Option




Most IFSA students live close to the university at Scape apartment complexes or in apartments adjacent to campus. For an additional fee, students can also choose to live in residence halls on campus.

Sydney University Village, exclusively for University of Sydney students, offers campus-adjacent apartments with self-catering.

  • Location: Right near campus, in the bustling heart of Newtown.
  • Living space: Apartments house 5–6 students in single rooms with shared bathrooms. Living space includes TV, seating, and fully equipped kitchen. Bed linens included.
  • Meals: No meal plan. Students prepare or purchase meals. Used to a dining hall? Apartment mates often tell us meals are a fun, social part of the day.
  • Other details: Internet included. On-call resident assistant and a site manager. Laundry facilities. Indoor and outdoor common social areas. Industrial-style kitchen for shared use.
  • Nearby: Shops, restaurants, Darling Harbor, Royal Botanical Gardens, Museum of Contemporary Art, Glebe Markets, Observatory Hill, Goods Line (an urban walkway from the central business district to Darling Harbor).

Each Scape building houses up to 500 students, from universities throughout Sydney, in modern, furnished apartments and offers many perks.

  • Location: In the heart of city, a 10- to 20-minute walk or 15-minute bus ride from the main Camperdown/Darlington campus.
  • Living space: Apartments house eight students in four, shared double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. (Share a bathroom with just one student.) Living space includes flat screen TV, seating, and fully equipped kitchen. Bed linens included. For an additional fee, students who prefer more privacy can share six-bedroom apartments, where each student has a single room with a private, attached bathroom.
  • Meals: No meal plan. Students prepare or purchase meals. Used to a dining hall? Apartment mates often tell us meals are a fun, social part of the day.
  • Other details: Internet included. On-call resident assistant, a site manager, and 24-hour security guards. Laundry facilities. Gym. Indoor and outdoor common social areas. Industrial-style kitchen for shared use.
  • Nearby: Shops, restaurants, Darling Harbor, Royal Botanical Gardens, Museum of Contemporary Art, Glebe Markets, Observatory Hill, Goods Line (an urban walkway from the central business district to Darling Harbor).

IFSA students also have the option to select one of two residence halls—known here as colleges. These private residential colleges are super convenient and do all or most of the cooking for you. Keep in mind you’ll pay an additional fee to cover meals and extra costs, like housekeeping, for these colleges. Spaces fill fast!

Mandelbaum House: This kosher residential college has roots in Jewish values yet accepts students of all religions. With just 38 residents, you’ll feel like you have an instant family.

  • Location: Next to the university business school. A 10- to 15-minute walk to classes, libraries, the university fitness center, shops, and more in Camperdown/Darlington. Walking distance to Newtown, where transport includes bus, trains, and light rail.
  • Living space: Single rooms house a mix of local students and visiting students from other countries. Rooms have a single bed, sink, desk, lamp, chair, storage, and fan. Mixed-gender bathrooms on each floor. Bed linens and towels provided.
  • Meals: Includes 17 meals a week. In the kosher kitchen, professional chefs whip up breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays, plus brunch and dinner on Sundays.
  • Other details: Wi-Fi included. Staff clean rooms and sheets weekly (included). Laundry on-site. Social committee organizes events, sports, outings, and more. Staff keep weekday office hours; resident assistants are on duty at other times.

Sancta Sophia: This all-women’s college has a Catholic foundation, though it accepts students of all faiths. Every year, it’s home to 160+ students from Australia and beyond.

  • Location: The suburb of Camperdown. Classes, libraries, and other campus facilities are just a 5- to 15-minute walk away.
  • Living space: Students share rooms, which include single beds, sink, desks, chairs, fan, and storage. Shared bathrooms on each floor. Bed linens and towels provided.
  • Meals: Three meals a day included. Formal dinners on Mondays. Students can also use the modern kitchen, which is fully equipped.
  • Other details: Includes membership to the university fitness center. Wi-Fi included. Rooms are cleaned and sheets are washed every other week (included). Laundry on-site. Social committee organizes events, sports, outings, and more. Staff keep weekday office hours; resident assistants are on duty at other times. Pastoral support team for guidance. Study and social spaces.

Dates and Fees

Term begins
Term ends
Program costs
Application deadline
Fall 2024
July 17, 2024
November 24, 2024
Spring 2025
Early Feb. 2025
Mid-June 2025
$24,295 (estimated)
Nov. 1, 2024
Spring (Early Start) 2025
Early Jan. 2025
Late May 2025
$24,295 (estimated)
Oct. 15, 2024
Fall 2025
Mid-July 2025
Late Nov. 2025
$24,295 (estimated)
April 1, 2025

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