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A busy intersection on a sunny day in Havana.A busy intersection on a sunny day in Havana.

Flip the script in the Caribbean

Neoclassical architecture and cerdo asado, reggaeton and Revolution Square, baseball and beaches — Cuba is full of surprises.

In Cuba, you’ll have the rare experience of exploring a nation nearly untouched by commercialism. What it lacks in economic wealth, Cuba makes up for in spades with a vibrant Caribbean culture, influenced by African and Spanish heritage.

Its cities, music, architecture, festivals, rural villages and gorgeous beaches offer much to learn about and discover. From attending class with local students at Cuba’s oldest university, to exploring beyond the 500-year-old capital city, to getting to know your host family, your time in Cuba will be unlike anywhere else.

Did You Know?

  • Cuba is not just one island, but an archipelago of 4,000.
  • Dominoes are so popular here that some call it Cuba’s national game.
  • Havana’s range of architectural styles includes Baroque, neoclassical, art deco, modernism, and more.
  • The capital hums with an eclectic range of musical styles, including reggaeton, salsa, son, hip hop, and classical.

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