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Four distinct academic experiences

Get ready to be captivated by friendly people, sophisticated cities, and rugged beauty.

The past speaks loudly in Scotland, with echoes of Roman invaders, medieval clashes, and royal struggles always close at hand. Then again, it’s easy to be distracted by this country’s rugged beauty, evident from the Isle of Skye’s towering cliffs to the peaks and moors of Cairngorms National Park.

With IFSA, you can get to know England’s northern neighbor your way. Choose a big university in the city of Glasgow or Edinburgh — or find your place in a smaller community in Stirling or St Andrews.

Did you know?

  • In the 2016 Brexit referendum, 62% of Scotland’s voters called for staying in the EU.
  • The Edinburgh Fringe Festival trumps every art celebration in the world, with performers in all genres at 300+ venues.
  • University of St Andrews is known for quirky traditions, like a campus-wide foam fight, a curse that began in 1582, and a May Day dip in the North Sea.

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