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  • Ulster University Partnership

    Formerly focused on art, Ulster’s newly expanded, cutting-edge campus in Belfast offers exciting range of subjects, including computing, engineering, business, politics, policy, law, communication, sports, architecture, hospitality, event management, photography, and digital animation. The university focuses on active learning and employable skills, and students enjoy strong ties to industry, from film, animation, and gaming to…

    Ulster University Partnership

  • Stranmillis University College Teacher Education

    Jump into acclaimed programs geared to help you excel in education or special education at a school that draws students from near and far. Learn with the guidance of a dedicated tutor as you explore classes in early childhood, primary education, post-primary education, or health, sport and physical activity. Gain valuable hands-on experience with a…

    Stranmillis University College Teacher Education

  • Jonathan Creasy, Ph.D.

    Start Date September 2023 Interests Writer • Reader • Musician • Filmmaker • Creative Writing & Literature Lecturer “I come from a family of teachers and world travelers. From as far back as I can remember, I understood the transformative power of intercultural engagement and international study. With IFSA, my aim is to share my…

    Jonathan Creasy, Ph.D.

  • Barbara Delfs

    Start Date November 2023 Interests Poetry • Language Enthusiast • Scrapbooking • Learning Irish/Gaelic • Volunteer “To me, the most fascinating thing about living and studying abroad is the experience of connecting to and feeling at home in different places, while ultimately not feeling completely at home in any of them. As time goes on…

    Barbara Delfs

  • Allegra Von Hirschberg

    Start Date June 2023 Interests Foodie • Avid Walker • Stand-up Comedy Fanatic • Crocheter • Plant Lover “To take the often courageous step to travel internationally and continue to pursue a curiosity in learning, be it academic or otherwise, often allows individuals the opportunity to come up against their usual comfort zones and find…

    Allegra Von Hirschberg

  • Jasmine Di Diego

    Start Date August 2023 Interests Hapa • Queer • Avid Bookworm • Community Creative “I traveled in Europe while the vote on Brexit was passed and personally saw the toll and reactions from this historical event. I am so excited for students to experience history in the making as they travel, just as I did.”…

    Jasmine Di Diego

  • Alex Webb

    Start Date November 2023 Interests Foodie • Live Music Lover • Film Lover • Reader • Hiker “I have learned the most about myself and about the world when I have traveled and invested my time in becoming a part of the community. I am excited to support IFSA students as they make the leap!”…

    Alex Webb

  • Kevin McNamara, Ph.D.

    Start Date August 2021 Interests Political Dramas • Football • Bookworm • Coffee Enthusiast • Traveling “Study abroad is an immersive experience that promotes intercultural understanding and personal resilience. It supports students by developing the skills necessary to navigate both the challenges in higher education and in life. It is a privilege to support and…

    Kevin McNamara, Ph.D.