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  • Nada Silman

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    Nada Silman

    Start Date March 2023 Interests Luca’s Mom • Baker • Sushi Lover • Portrait Photography Fan • Chatty “International education is a chance to take yourself out of what is presumed to feel comfortable. Not only will you get the chance to explore different places and cultures, but you’ll also get the chance to challenge…

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  • Tania González

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    Tania González

    Start Date January 2019 Interests Cat Lover • Dancer • Loves Learning “Education is the tool to change our reality, and study abroad allows you to see and experience that other worlds are possible.” Education Tania graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán with a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology, has studied the Mayan language, and…

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  • Jennifer Fullick, Ph.D.

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    Jennifer Fullick, Ph.D.

    Start Date September 2022 Interests Animal Lover • Voracious Reader • Mom • Planner • Lifelong Learner “When I moved from a small town in the U.S. Midwest to one of the largest cities in the Middle East, I was forever changed witnessing firsthand both the diversity, as well as the similarity, of people across…

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  • Tamara Bycroft

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    Tamara Bycroft

    Start Date March 2019 Interests Traveler • Organizer • Reader • Bushwalker • Mom “The time I spent living abroad forever changed the way I viewed the world. It tested preconceptions, habits, and ideas that I wasn’t even aware were so engrained. I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to support students as they…

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