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A student recording video footage with a professional camera.A student recording video footage with a professional camera.

From advertising, marketing and public relations to media and film production internships, students pursuing degrees in communications and film have a wide range of program options across IFSA’s global portfolio. Thousands of classes are listed in the CHART database for these areas of study, where students can see class details for unique opportunities from specialized film institutes to highly ranked programs at world-class universities through our elite partner institutes abroad. Have specific degree requirements you want to fulfill abroad? IFSA staff can produce a report with potential matches to your home institution’s unique curriculum. IFSA’s Work-to-Study program is also well suited this field of study, offering you the opportunity to hone your digital storytelling, content marketing, photography videography, and writing skills while earning a stipend for documenting your experience abroad. IFSA is poised to help you achieve your academic goals abroad and make study abroad a stepping stone on your path to success!

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