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Students in front of a memorial wall.Students in front of a memorial wall.

IFSA has a robust history of sending students to study the social sciences abroad, a natural complement to this area of study. IFSA categorizes social science options abroad with two dozen fields of study, ranging from anthropology and criminal justice to psychology, social work and everything in between. IFSA’s signature CHART database displays an astounding 6,000 classes tagged to the social sciences that IFSA students have recently pursued abroad on thematic programs curated by IFSA and at prestigious institutions around the world. The tool is designed for you to easily navigate and narrow options to meet your unique needs, and students can even engage the academic experts at IFSA to identify classes abroad which are potential matches to the specific classes required for your degree at home. Internships, research, service learning, and more can be integrated into your term abroad, and you might consider enrolling in IFSA’s Community & Culture™ class, an opportunity for a deep dive cultural exploration of your host city with students from institutions across the United States.

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