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  • Blaise Maccarrone

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    Blaise Maccarrone

    Start Date January 2023 Interests Reader • Volunteer • Baker • Ever Curious • Lover of Long Walks “I enjoy working in international education because it provides extraordinary opportunities for learning and growth, for all involved. Colleagues, students, and university partners are all teachers, who I absorb so much from as we are pushed to regularly reflect on our own cultures, and…

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  • Christi Hoover

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    Christi Hoover

    Start Date May 2007 Interests CanAus (Canadian Australian) • Passionate About Travel • Education • Recreation “I love working in study abroad because I know what a difference this experience can have on students lives and the people they will become. I feel privileged that part of my job is to introduce students to new…

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  • Diana Arízaga

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    Diana Arízaga

    Start Date June 2003 Interests Art Lover • Food Enthusiast • Cook • Love Reading • Traveling • Dogs “After many years in the field with other institutions in the U.S. and abroad, I find IFSA allows me to constantly change, be flexible, creative, challenge myself, and think that anything I can think of, even…

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