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Introducing the Spring 2023 IFSA Student Marketing Correspondents

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January 17, 2023

Meet Our Newest Roving Reporters

There’s no one better qualified to share the experiences of students in new lands than the students themselves. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our 15 Spring 2023 Student Marketing Correspondents.

We look forward to hearing from this talented crew as they discover Argentina, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, and Spain, and share their findings. Look for their words and images on our website, blogs, and social media channels!

Caleb Boyer

Caleb Boyer | Vanderbilt University | Neuroscience
Caleb is studying on the University of Sydney Partnership program in Australia.  

“My friends who have gone abroad said it was their favorite semester of college! I knew I had to take a few classes for my major while abroad, so my main priority was finding a school offering neuroscience classes. I also wanted to study in a country where I could be very outdoorsy. The University of Sydney checked both of those boxes, and after I talked with an IFSA USydney alum from my school, the decision was easy!”

Nicole Cheung

Nicole Cheung | Claremont McKenna College | Psychology and Economics
Nicole is studying on the King’s College London Partnership program in London, England.

“I was looking over all the study abroad options on my college website and decided on London. Being from Hong Kong, I’ve grown up with British influence, so I’ve always wanted to live in London. As for King’s College, it’s an amazing school at a prime location, and its academics really match with my interests in psychology, economics, and business.”

Ceci Crawford

Ceci Crawford | Kenyon University| Political Science
Ceci is studying on the University of Edinburgh Partnership program in Scotland.

“I chose my program because I was looking at the city of Edinburgh as a place I would be interested in living in, and the university is right in the center of the city. Plus the political science classes at the University of Edinburgh seemed really unique and interesting.”

Mat Fronk

Mat Fronk | Boise State University | Film and Television Arts
Mat Fronk is studying on the University of Melbourne Partnership program in Australia.

“I knew I wanted to go to Melbourne for the friendly atmosphere, lively city, and beautiful outdoors. Plus, not having a language barrier was a huge advantage. I’m excited to make new relationships and expand my professional portfolio that will open up new career opportunities.”

Molly Gibbons

Molly Gibbons | Lewis and Clark College| History
Molly is studying on the IFSA Mérida Universities Program in Mexico.

“I was unsure if I was going to be able to study abroad due to the pandemic and financial reasons, so I am very grateful to be here now! I chose my program to continue learning and improving my Spanish language skills. I am really excited to build connections within the community and to learn about the history of Yucatán.”

Nathan Hausspiegel

Nathan Hausspiegel | Wesleyan University | Computer Science
Nathan is studying on the University of Auckland Partnership program in New Zealand.

“Between its natural beauty and its amazing culture, New Zealand’s always been a dream destination of mine, so the decision was a no-brainer. I also considered the fact that English is spoken there, so getting immersed into the culture will hopefully be easier, especially in a college setting. I picked the University of Auckland as it’s located in a great city that’s also a transit hub for the whole country, which should make it easier for me to travel if I want.”

Izzy Huggins

Izzy Huggins | Lewis and Clark College | History
Izzy is studying on the IFSA Chilean Universities Program, Valparaiso in Chile.

“I love traveling when I can, so I knew I wanted to study abroad. I was lucky enough to visit Valparaíso after high school and fell in love with the city. I look forward to making some real friends in the city and learning about their lives growing up in Chile.”

Sydney Jacobs

Sydney Jacobs | Grinnell College |Political Science
Sydney is studying on the IFSA Study in London program in England.

“I really wanted a strong support network since this would be my first time living in another country. Additionally, I’ve never lived in a bustling city before, and I knew living in London would be an amazing way to experience a new way of life.”

Catherine Jiang

Catherine Jiang | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | Computer Science
Catherine is studying on the IFSA Tech Career Accelerator Program in Prague, Czech Republic.

“Everyone I’ve talked to in college has loved their semester abroad. I didn’t really consider it a possibility for me until I learned about the IFSA Tech Career Accelerator Program. Studying abroad as an engineer at my school is relatively difficult due to required classes. However, many of the classes in this program contribute to my degree.”

Lucinda Law

Lucinda Law | Lewis and Clark College | Economics
Lucinda is studying on the IFSA Mérida Universities Program in Mexico.

“This is my second semester abroad with IFSA. I knew I wanted to stay in Latin America to further improve my Spanish. I loved Valparaíso, Chile last semester and I am eager to see all that the Yucatán has in store for me these next few months! I am excited to find and build community in a new country and explore all the wonderful sights and experiences that Mexico has to offer.”

Evalyn Peacey

Evalyn Peacey | Butler University | Arts Administration/Theater
Evalyn is studying on the IFSA Barcelona Universities: UPF program in Spain.

“Spain is one of my bucket-list travel locations and its location allows plenty of opportunities to travel around Europe. I also love the beach and Spanish art, specifically dance and architecture. I am most excited to use and learn more about the Spanish and Catalan languages and to explore as much of Barcelona and Spain as possible!”

Adriana Quinonez-Solano

Adriana Quinonez-Solano | Gettysburg College | Environmental Studies and Public Policy
Adriana is studying on the Universidad Nacional Partnership program in Heredia, Costa Rica. 

“I have always wanted to go back to Central America and study about the environment. I knew I wanted a program offered in Spanish and one with a different culture from my Salvadorian culture. I also have been curious about the environmental policy work that Costa Rica has made since it is one of the environmentally succeeding countries in Central America.”

Alondra Romero

Alondra Romero | Bowdoin College | Latin American Studies and Psychology
Alondra is studying on the IFSA Study in Buenos Aires: Psychology and Neuroscience Program in Argentina.

“Attending a small, rural school in the states pushed me to seek a big city in which to study abroad. Additionally, finding the IFSA Study Buenos Aires Plus Program ended up being a perfect fit because I will be able to combine my two majors. I am looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of Argentine culture through getting to know people whether that be my host family, through conversations at restaurants, or meeting new people while traveling.”

Skye Schultz

Skye Schultz | St. Thomas University | Social Work and Psychology
Skye is studying on the University of Galway Partnership program in Ireland.

“I’ve always known I wanted to study abroad and travel, and Ireland was one of my top choices because there isn’t a language barrier and I can easily travel to other parts of Europe. I am most excited to get to know the Irish culture and see some of the spots I’ve been wanting to visit for so long!”

Coby Waugh

Coby Waugh | Hunter College | Public Policy
Coby is studying on the Universidad de La Habana Partnership programs in Havana, Cuba.

“After learning more about Cuban history and culture, I knew studying in Cuba would be an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I’m most excited to be immersed in a culture and language that will give me an incredibly different perspective from that which I’ve grown up with living in New York.”