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Introducing the Fall 2023 IFSA Student Marketing Correspondents

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IFSA | August 4, 2023

Meet Our Newest Roving Reporters

There’s no one better qualified to share the experiences of students in new lands than the students themselves. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our Fall 2023 Student Marketing Correspondents.

We look forward to hearing from this talented crew as they discover Argentina, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, and Scotland, and share their findings. Look for their words and images on our website, blogs, and social media channels!

Alexa Barcenas-Meade | Vassar College | Astronomy
Alexa is studying on the University College Dublin Partnership program in Ireland.  

“I’m super excited to step away from all of the science I’ve been doing and explore reading in one of the hearts of British Literature and see how it differs from learning back at Vassar.”

Case Baumwart

Case Baumwart | College of Wooster | Urban Studies and Sustainability
Case is studying on the IFSA Chilean Universities Program in Valparaíso, Chile.

“I can’t wait to get out of my comfort zone and work on my Spanish.”

Alyson Boldt

Alyson Boldt | University of Missouri, Kansas City | Business
Alyson is studying on the IFSA Study in London program in England.

“I am very excited to meet new people, try need foods, and travel around Europe.”

Bella Bruno

Bella Bruno | Skidmore College | Political Science
Bella is studying on the London School of Economics and Political Science Partnership program in England.

“While abroad I am most excited to engulf myself in different cultures while I travel around Europe and live in London for the year.”

Alexandra Gillespie

Alexandra Gillespie | Colby College | Computation Psychology
Alexandra is studying on the University of Edinburgh Partnership program in Scotland.

“Having lost my grandfather this past spring, I am most excited to see Scotland (his favorite place and where our ancestry most directly traces back). On a more academic note, I’m excited to take some computer and cognitive science classes that my lovable little liberal arts school doesn’t offer.”

Claire Hill

Claire Hill | Franklin & Marshall College | Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Claire is studying on the Queen Mary, University of London Partnership program in London, England.

“The thing I’m most excited to get out of studying abroad is meeting students from all over the world and building new friendships that will hopefully stay strong even after the program ends.”

Jacob Nathan

Jacob Nathan | Bard College | Spanish Studies
Jacob is studying on the Universidad de La Habana Partnership program in Havana, Cuba.

“I’m most looking forward to connecting with my host family and becoming part of their daily life! I am also looking forward to making friends with my classmates and exploring the city with my camera.”

Jonathan Ngoy

Jonathan Ngoy | Vanderbilt University | Major
Jonathan is studying on the University of Sydney Partnership program in Australia.

“I look forward to exploring Sydney and Australia, as well as spending time at the beach surfing.”

Edred Opie

Edred Opie | Amherst College | Math and Economics
Edred is studying on the University of New South Wales Partnership program in Australia.

“I’m most excited to visit some amazing sites around Australia and learn how to surf!”

Anthony Ruiz

Anthony Ruiz | Brandeis University | Anthropology and Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies
Anthony is studying on the IFSA Argentine Universities Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“I am most excited to go to fútbol games and to learn about Queer culture in Buenos Aires, and I look forward to strengthening my Spanish skills and exploring South America.”

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez | Hamilton College | World Politics
Jessica is studying on the IFSA Argentina Universities Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“I am most excited to get to experience the nearby mountain ranges!”

Sophie Tolson

Sophie Tolson | Colorado College | History
Sophie is studying on the IFSA Chilean Universities Program in Santiago, Chile. 

“I’m super excited to improve my Spanish, have a unique university experience, and travel around Chile”

Annika Vanderspek

Annika Vanderspek | Tulane University | Sociology and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Annika is studying on the University of Otago Partnership program in Dunedin, New Zealand.

“I am most excited to explore the South Island of New Zealand through hiking and backpacking and to challenge myself by trying new things and sayings yes to everything.”

Ginger Watzinger

Ginger Watzinger | Trinity College, Connecticut | Molecular and Cell Biology
Ginger is studying on the University College London Partnership program in England.

“I am most excited about exploring London as well as the UK and Europe with my friends and furthering my skills as a budding scientist at UCL!”

Yiran Yang

Yiran Yang | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | Computer Science
Yiran is studying on the IFSA Tech Career Accelerator Program in Prague, Czech Republic.

“I am excited to travel, meet people, and try new food in the upcoming journey.”

Ella Yentsch

Ella Yentsch | University of Vermont | Communications
Ella is studying on the Griffith University Partnership program in Gold Coast, Australia.

“I’m most excited about living right on the beach and furthering my experience with scuba diving and surfing!”