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Introducing the Spring 2024 IFSA Student Marketing Correspondents

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Study abroad with IFSAStudy abroad with IFSA

IFSA | March 25, 2024

Meet Our Newest Roving Reporters

We’re thrilled to welcome a new group of students to share their stories from abroad during the Spring 2024 term. With words, photos, and the magic of social media, this talented group will take students back home in the U.S. along on their cultural journeys.  

Follow IFSA on Instagram to take part, and learn more about this program, designed to help students defray study abroad costs and gain valuable experience.  

Henry Burns

Henry Burns | Tufts University | Biopsychology
Henry is studying on the University of St. Andrews program in Scotland.  

“I chose the IFSA St. Andrews program because of its fantastic location along the North Sea and its rich, small town culture. Additionally, university students receive a membership to the St. Andrews Links which provides unlimited golf all semester, something I couldn’t pass up! I look forward to hiking all around Scotland, honing in my golf game, and studying at the top university in Europe!”

Kate Haydel-Brown

Kate Haydel-Brown | Kenyon College | Spanish and English
Kate is studying on the IFSA Chilean Universities Program in Valparaíso, Chile 

“I chose to study in Chile with IFSA in the hopes of finding a truly immersive experience, staying with a host family, and studying alongside Chilean students. I’m looking forward to developing my fluency by building connections in Spanish, hopefully by the end of the semester finding a way to make people laugh, even in my second language.”

Diana Honor Reiss

Diana Honor Reiss | Scripps College | Media Studies
Diana is studying on the University of the Arts London program in England.  

“I am an aspiring documentary filmmaker, so I am really excited to develop my skills this semester in such a collaborative and passionate school community. And of course, having the opportunity to live in London is amazing. I am especially excited to explore such a dynamic and international arts scene. Studying film at UAL has been a dream of mine for a while. I am so excited it’s finally happening!”

Madeleine Luskey

Madeleine Luskey | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities | Applied Economics
Madeleine is studying on the University of Edinburgh program in Scotland. 

“Ever since my first visit to Edinburgh several years ago, the city has enchanted me and I’ve been trying to come back ever since. I’ve really been looking forward to immersing myself in a different daily routine and discovering the charms of the city, Scotland, and surrounding areas. I’m also really enjoying being able to immerse myself in Scottish student life, by joining societies and attending ceilidhs! I am also excited to explore the outdoors as we head into spring.”

Alyssa Meyer

Alyssa Meyer | University of Pennsylvania | International Studies, Hispanic Studies, and Entrepreneurship.
Alyssa is studying on the Universidad de La Habana program in Cuba.  

“I chose the Havana program because I’m super interested in government and economy and wanted to study one very distinct from my own. Being from the U.S., I feel as though I’ve been given a certain biased perspective on world issues and politics and I wanted to diversify my own perspective through this program.”

Zach Moskowitz

Zach Moskowitz | Oberlin College | Economics
Zach is studying on the University College Dublin program in Ireland.  

“I chose this IFSA program because of the academic opportunities provided at University College Dublin, along with having both a great city to explore and natural beauty all around. While abroad, I am most excited to get to know lots of new people and explore some of the lesser known parts of Ireland.”

Hailey Rodriguez

Hailey Rodriguez | Duke University | Biology and Spanish
Hailey is studying on the King’s College London: Premedical Program in England.  

“I applied due to the clinical experiences built into the King’s College London: Premedical Program. It was extremely exciting for me to learn more about the universal healthcare system in the UK, as well to discover what it means to be a good doctor. I am most excited about the opportunities to meet new people and exploring different cultural sites with them.”

Olivia Sarno

Olivia Sarno | Smith College | Comparative World Literatures
Olivia is studying on the IFSA Argentine Universities Program in Argentina.  

“I chose this program because I’d heard amazing things about Buenos Aires and was excited by the opportunity to live with a host family and take classes at BA universities. I’m most looking forward to exploring the city!”

Jesse Smolan

Jesse Smolan | Colorado College | Film Studies
Jesse is studying on the University of New South Wales program in Australia.  

“One of the biggest reasons I chose to come to Sydney for my study abroad was to meet collaborators I never would otherwise on the other side of the world, and to utilize new environments to create films and content.”

Ellie Stanich

Ellie Stanich | Butler University | Marketing
Ellie is studying on the IFSA Study in Barcelona program in Spain.  

“I chose this IFSA program because of the different experimental classes I can take here revolving around food, culture, and even soccer! I am most excited to travel around Spain and other countries, and to learn more about all different cultures.”

Anita Surmacz

Anita Surmacz | Franklin & Marshall College | Neuroscience
Anita is studying on the University of Queensland program in Australia.  

“Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by Australia’s pristine landscapes, wildlife, and cultural diversity. However, coming from Poland I believed it to be too far away and completely not accessible. Therefore, now, that I got the opportunity through IFSA, I cannot wait to explore and participate in Australian traditions, immerse myself in Australian education system, and make intercultural connections with both local and other study abroad students!”

Tristen Tate

Tristen Tate | Claremont McKenna College | Media Studies
Tristen is studying on the SOAS, University of London program in England.  

“I found out the IFSA program at SOAS through a friend who went last year. After numerous conversations with her about the experience, and even just conversations about something completely unrelated, it was clear that her perspective on life had changed significantly for the better. When I found out I would only be the second student to ever go to SOAS from my school, I was even more excited. Given the importance of perspective when it comes to storytelling and the ability to connect with a variety of people when working in the film industry, I knew that coming to such a diverse city as London would not only be an enjoyable experience but also a useful one.”

Noah Weitzel

Noah Weitzel | Vanderbilt University | Secondary Education and Molecular Biology
Noah is studying on the Victoria University of Wellington program in New Zealand.  

“I chose this program to study the multilingual and multicultural learning styles of the country’s education system as well as the adventure of exploring nature and wildlife by New Zealand’s coast. I’m looking forward to explore beyond my favorite landlocked state of Tennessee, and the best part of my program is that my mom is so thrilled that I picked a program that is a 19-hour flight away from home.”