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Student kayaking in a bay with tall, cloud-obscured islands in the background.Student kayaking in a bay with tall, cloud-obscured islands in the background.

Relaxed. Friendly. Spectacular.

Top-drawer education and adventure everywhere you turn.

Where else can you engage with vibrant Māori culture, embark on a Great Walk, surround yourself with jaw-dropping landscapes — and attend a top-notch school?  

New Zealand’s universities are all ranked in the world’s top 3%. Beyond strong academics, you’ll find countless opportunities to embrace life in a multicultural nation with not one but three official languages: English, Te reo Māori, and New Zealand Sign.  

From big, sophisticated Auckland to the funky, college town, Dunedin, count on IFSA’s team to help you find your ideal match and squeeze the most from this unique experience. 

Did you know?

  • The koru, a spiral shape often seen in Māori tattoos (Tā moko) represents an unfurling fern frond, signifying new life. 
  • In Auckland, you can climb some of 50+ volcanoes across the city, including the tallest, Maungawhau. 
  • Street crossing lights in Wellington feature iconic locals, like haka wahine and haka tane to represent Māori culture and suffrage leader Kate Sheppard, instead of the typical red/green man. 
  • In Christchurch, residents celebrate Matariki (Winter Solstice) by lighting up their bikes for a ride through Hagley Park.

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