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There are countless reasons to study abroad from academic development to cultural immersion to personal growth. Another is developing pre-professional skills. Many students, however, assume studying abroad and being out the country will hurt their chances for a summer internship or job. That might not be the case.  Myth: You will miss out on the […]
Studying abroad comes with a lot of challenges: Navigating a new city and culture, learning a new language. Amidst it all, you might also be trying to maintain a relationship back home. From the moment my boyfriend and I started dating last year, we knew this was coming. I’ve wanted to study abroad since high […]
During my semester abroad in Sydney, I traveled to many places near the city and in New South Wales, and quickly I learned that the East Coast of Australia has many extraordinary places to visit. While I could easily name more than ten highlights, these stood out to me and my study abroad friends. From […]
The week before I traveled abroad, I pored over my packing list, staring at the crumpled piece of paper until my eyes hurt. I was certain I would forget something crucial, that I would be the only one without it. Medication to last me through December? Check, I reassured myself for the hundredth time. Wool socks? […]
Traveling through urban and rural landscapes is an important part of the Cuban experience. As a student at the University of Havana you spend more time immersed in urban life, but as an IFSA student, you have many opportunities to catch a glimpse of the world that exists en provincial, outside Havana.  To learn about life Cuba […]
study abroad in Cuba with IFSA
Studying abroad is an intense experience for everyone, especially for women. I am studying abroad in Pune, India, with six other young women. I did not anticipate my gender and race to playing as much of a role as they have. I was aware of the conservative attitudes and the large role gender norms play […]
Study abroad in Pune, India with IFSA
With extreme informality, crowds, and countless unwritten rules, Lima’s public transportation system can be overwhelming for newcomers—and even for Limeños. Here’s what I’ve learned over the semester.  Why the chaos?  The majority of public transport vehicles in Lima operate informally despite sporting the patterned paint of one parent company. Because the law for vehicle standards […]
Alex, a fellow IFSA-Peru participant, is the daughter of Peruvian immigrants to the United States who spent several years in Lima as a young child. She chose study in Peru to fully assume her Peruvian identity and get to know her family’s origins. Two months in, she shared her reflections.    Growing up Peruvian in the […]
Studying in New Zealand at University of Otago has helped me focus on my major—exercise sports science—and realize my studies are part of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) umbrella. Since I have been here, I have had time to focus on the science portion of my degree and discover all the amazing support […]
study abroad at University of Otago, New Zealand
When I left the United States to study abroad in New Zealand, many questions ran through my head: Will I make friends? Will I get along with my flatmates? Will the courses be difficult? But I was most anxious about my sexuality. Will I be able to express myself freely? Will I feel safe walking alone? […]
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