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Scholarships: College Study Abroad Programs, IFSA-Butler

IFSA-Butler believes that study abroad should be within the reach of every student, so we offer a wide range of scholarships and financing opportunities for our students.

IFSA-Butler general scholarships

General scholarship awards are $500 for summer programs, $1,500 for semester programs and $2,500 for full year programs. These scholarships may apply to any IFSA-Butler program, with the exception of our Engage opportunities and custom programs.


Country- and program-specific scholarships

IFSA-Butler offers numerous scholarships that are specific to certain programs or countries:


  • David Farrington Memorial Scholarship: $3,500 for semester or full year students
  • Noah Burris Memorial Scholarship: $3,500 for semester or full year students
  • University of New South Wales: The Peter & Helen Hearl Scholarship awards up to $10,000 to business students


  • The Alliance for Global Education offers need-based scholarships for programs in China. Awards are up to $4,500 for semester study and $2,500 for summer study.

Costa Rica

  • Any IFSA-Butler program: $1,000 for semester or year students


  • Birkbeck, University of London: Marcus Ames-Lewis Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 for semester students
  • University of Bristol: Up to $2,000 per semester for students attending state universities and paying in-state tuition


  • Colleen Dodd Memorial Scholarship: $3,500 for semester or full year students
  • Trinity College Dublin offers up to €2,000 in travel grants for students with high financial need and €1,500 scholarships for full year students. Click here for more details.


  • The Alliance for Global Education offers need-based scholarships for programs in India. Awards are up to $4,500 for semester study and $2,500 for summer study.


  • Middle East Programs Scholarship: $3,500 for semester students
  • Numerous scholarship opportunities are available for study at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Contact your program advisor for details.

Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and Peru) and Spain

  • Anthony Lobdell Memorial Scholarship: $3,500 for semester or full year students
  • Nancy Cushing-Daniels Memorial Scholarship: $5,000 for a Spanish major with outstanding Spanish language skills and a GPA of 3.3 or above

New Zealand

  • University of Canterbury: Canterbury awards multiple scholarships ranging from NZ$2,500 to NZ$5,000. The university also gives "general awards" to select students upon arrival.
  • Massey University: Massey gives Study Awards of NZ$1,000
  • Education New Zealand offers US$2,000 Travel Awards to fund air travel to New Zealand. In addition, Excellence Awards give US$500 toward the cost of study abroad at any New Zealand university. Click here for more information.
  • Education New Zealand is also offering a full-tuition scholarship up to $15,000 for any semester program in New Zealand
  • University of Otago: Otago is offering study abroad applicants from the USA the opportunity to apply for one of three housing scholarships at the University of Otago in second semester, 2016. Apply for the scholarship through Go Overseas here and then finish your IFSA-Butler application!


  • The Alliance for Global Education offers need-based scholarships for programs in Istanbul. Awards are up to $4,500 for semester study and $2,500 for summer study. Students who apply for the Urban Research Lab program in Istanbul can apply for a research fellowship of $2,500 which will be based on academic merit.


UpFront program

IFSA-Butler's UpFront program allows you to bill certain fees to your IFSA-Butler student account. You can then pay these expenses with financial aid or with our monthly payment option. Click here for details.


Work-to-Study grant

Work-to-Study students work on projects for IFSA-Butler for a credit to their student account between $250 and $1,000, depending on the scope and involvement of the project completed. Click here to learn more.


Fill the GAP and First Generation Scholar Program

IFSA-Butler is delighted to offer two new scholarships to students:

Fill the GAP (Global Account Program) allows students to get a head start on study abroad by saving early for an IFSA-Butler program. Friends and family are also allowed to contribute to a student's Fill the GAP account. Participating students receive a matching scholarship up to $1,000.

The First Generation Scholars Program awards up to $2,500 for study abroad-related expenses for students who are first generation college students. Support services are also part of this great program.


Applying for a scholarship

Any student who applies for an IFSA-Butler program may apply for a scholarship by completing a scholarship application. This is separate from the general IFSA-Butler program application.

Click here to download the application and apply for an IFSA-Butler program- or country-specific scholarship.

Return scholarship forms and accompanying materials to:

Becki Niccum
Institute for Study Abroad
6201 Corporate Drive, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Fax: 317-940-9704



Scholarship application deadlines for Cuba, Egypt, England, Israel, Mexico, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sharjah UAE, Spain and Wales are April 1 for fall and year programs and October 1 for spring programs.

Deadlines for Argentina, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Peru are March 1 for semester 2 and academic year programs and November 1 for semester 1 programs.

The scholarship deadline for summer programs is April 1.

IFSA-Butler will notify recipients approximately one month after the application deadline.


Other scholarship opportunities

Click here for a list of other organizations that may offer financial support for international study.


Financing study abroad

For more information about applying financial aid to study abroad, visit our student guide to financial aid page.

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