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Kailin Nguyen

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Kailin Nguyen

Marketing Intern

Start Date

October 2023


Driven • Authentic • Empathetic • Loyal • Creative

Kailin Nguyen

“Visiting various countries, such as Puerto Rico, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and more, has instilled in me a profound belief in the transformative power of cultural exploration. Now I’m pursuing a career in marketing, driven by a desire to bridge cultural gaps and promote global understanding.”


Kailin earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in marketing in May 2023, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing. Her passion for learning has been a driving force throughout her academic journey, and she’s eager to continue learning and growing in her current program and beyond.

Travel Experience

During Kailin’s undergraduate education, she took the opportunity to go on a transformative trip to Puerto Rico, delving into the local culture and cuisine, which broadened her understanding of the world. This experience bolstered her passion for cultural exploration, and she believes it’s essential for students to immerse themselves in diverse environments, fostering personal growth and global awareness in this era of globalization. 

Did You Know?

Kailin loves anime and K-pop!