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Kim Hornby

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Kim Hornby

Marketing Communications Consultant

Start Date

October 2021


Wannabe Gardener • Nature • Family • Exercise • Historical Fiction

Headshot of Kim Hornby

“Excited to be here to help facilitate and promote all the amazing programs IFSA provides worldwide.”


Kim earned a master’s degree in marketing from Sacred Heart University and a bachelor’s degree in marketing and psychology from Hofstra University. Most recently she completed a Direct Marketing Certification from the University of Vermont.

Travel Experience

Kim has traveled throughout North America and Europe. But her favorite trip was visiting her daughter as she studied abroad in Budapest! Her other daughter is planning to be in Costa Rica for the spring semester, so she is hoping this will be her next travel destination. See parents benefit from study abroad, too!

Did You Know?

Kim has a certified therapy dog who goes into schools where kids read to him. He also loves to hang out in the counseling office to give love to any children or staff who may need it.