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Madeline Hoskins-Cumbey

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Madeline Hoskins-Cumbey

Custom and Collaborative Programs Manager

Start Date

August 2022


World Traveler • The Outdoors • French Literature • Building Community • Philosophy

Headshot of Madeline Hoskins-Cumbey

“I love being a part of the IFSA team because of all the amazing people who dedicate themselves to help other students have a life-changing experience. Working with other people from around the world with different backgrounds continuously teaches me about other ways of life and builds my appreciation for IFSA’s mission and values.”


Madeline is currently a senior international business major and French minor at Butler University in Indianapolis. She loves academia and learning about what shapes cultures in communities worldwide. Her interest in business primarily seeks to discover how business models, sustainability, and the economy influences cultural shifts, and how to navigate a capitalist world with empathy and compassion.

Travel Experience

In the Spring of 2022, Madeline studied abroad in Marseille, France at Kedge Business School which allowed her to travel across Europe and strengthen her French language abilities. Following that experience, she moved to Singapore for the summer interning at a market research company. Her adoration for the East and West exploded, and led her to IFSA, where she works with other global citizens to hopefully fulfill her dream someday of moving abroad.

Did You Know?

Madeline’s favorite animals are orangutans, and on her bucket list she would love to volunteer at a wildlife conservation in Indonesia.