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María José Olivares

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María José Olivares

Student Experience Coordinator, Chile

Start Date

July 2022


Cat Lover • Vegetarian • Tattoo Lover • Valpo Lover • Subpar Cook

Headshot of Maria Jose Olivares

“When I entered to this world of education abroad, I realized that it was the best experience during my career. Here I’m able learn every day from students and colleagues and the most valuable: share cultures and language.”


María José holds a master’s degree in linguistics from Universidad de Playa Ancha in Valparaíso, and a bachelor’s degree in education from Universidad SEK Chile. Also, she is an English to Spanish translator.

Travel Experience

María José has lived in different parts of Chile, from the north to the south. She has also had the opportunity to travel with friends through several different Latin American countries while an undergraduate.

Did You Know?

María was the lead vocal for a university rock band called “Knights and Maidens.”