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Sophia Mackay

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Sophia Mackay

Student Experience Coordinator, New Zealand

Start Date

January 2023


Book Worm • Film Lover • Health & Fitness Enthusiast • Wannabe Foodie • Animal Lover

Headshot of Sophia Mackay

“I have always been incredibly interested in how people learn and am excited to see how students are able to adapt to and appreciate different cultures outside of their own in such a unique study aboard experience. Being a part of the student’s experience is an honor, and I hope they learn as much from me as I do from them.”


Sophia is working on her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in education and minor in marketing at the University of Otago.

Travel Experience

Sophia has traveled to Australia, and she spends her holidays exploring her native New Zealand. She plan to travel to Europe after completing her bachelor’s degree to experience the incredible sights and food!

Did You Know?

Sophia has owned four guinea pigs in her lifetime, with two even living with her while at the University of Otago.