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Kirsten Martin

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Kirsten Martin

Student Experience Coordinator, England & Wales

Start Date

October 2022


Stand-up Comedy Nerd • Rugby Player • Taiwanese Cinema Fan • Swimmer

Headshot of Kirsten Martin

“When students immerse themselves in other cultures, it’s a chance for both parties to gain fresh perspectives and grow together.”


Kirsten graduated with a degree in English and related literatures from the University of York. She also earned a master’s degree in Chinese studies from SOAS, University of London.

Travel Experience

Kirsten studied abroad in France, Germany, and China. While initially only planning to complete a summer course in Beijing, this study abroad experience led to Kirsten developing a passion for Chinese culture. She went on to work in education in China for three years before completing her master’s degree in Chinese studies.

Did You Know?

Kirsten likes to collect postcards from all the cities she visits. Her collection numbers well over 50 and continues to grow.